Architectural Color Specialist for Commercial and Residential Spaces (Interior and Exterior)

We implement color design palettes for the client that work with the architecture, lighting, function of the space and personal allure whether interior or exterior.  Our service is cost effective especially if spending thousands of dollars to have your place painted when you are not sure about the whole look.  Depending on the client needs, we also create color palettes that extend past the surface surroundings and reflect the entire space including the contents.  Bringing in an architectural color specialist takes the anxiety out of the process and leaves you feeling at ease as your space goes through a color transformation.  


Decorative Painting Features

A decorative finish like venetian plaster or a strie is desirable for adding more depth or a certain design element to a space.  We team with talented artists that create amazing interior and exterior finishes.  


Staging Residential and Commercial

Staging is a great way to show off a space and essential when putting your home or commercial space up for sale.  Accenting the highlights of the architectural design (e.g. a fireplace, a view through windows, the architectural details, making the space look large and/or cozy) is a priority and significantly relates to the overall value.  Staging is also a way to change up your home and give it a makeover even if you are not selling it.  You may just need to rearrange your look.