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A Color Lift - Make It New And Exciting Again!

May 27, 2010

Color reaches every element in a room so, it may not just be the walls that need a lift!  It could be the contents.  If you love a piece of furniture that you can’t get rid of, give it a color lift!  There are those precious pieces that we have a love-hate relationship with primarily because they don’t fit in the space with the rest of the contents.  How about reviving the piece by painting or staining it?  You may want to stain it in a cool color like turquoise or create a design on it like these awesome photos below.  Also, consider adding new hardware that's either old and rustic or new and modern depending on the furniture and the look you are going for. 

Colorful Stain Design on Table Top by upcycler on Etsy


Stain Design on Table Top by upcycler on Etsy

How’s that chair with the outdated fabric on it; driving you nuts?  Do you feel like you need to match your whole dining room to those chairs because your family passed these heirloom pieces on to you?  The next question is, do you recover them with fabric?  I say, enjoy the pieces while you have them.  It’s furniture and most likely, your ancestors reupholstered your pieces but no one knows this because they didn’t tell anyone for the same reason you feel responsible to upkeep these pieces and keep them in the same condition you got them … Guilt?  Respect?  I went through this years ago and finally asked myself, why?  I decided to recover the cushions to some heirloom chairs with faux animal skin fabric.  Afterwards, I loved them.  You are not ruining the piece by reupholstering it. You are reviving the piece so it may be enjoyed … in this modern day.  Go ahead, live on the wild side!  Maybe only a few will roll over in their graves.  See the chair below that was given a second chance!

BEFORE - should it stay or should it go?

AFTER  - reupholstered cushion with a pillow made to match

Reup by The Color Design Shop

When you are looking around your room to find what doesn't fit or make sense, you may not have to get rid of the piece that sticks out like sore thumb.  It may just need a colorful boost!


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