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Add Color. Add Artwork.

May 6, 2010

   Need color for your space beyond the walls and ceiling? Add ARTWORK! One big painted canvas over a sofa, with a little hue in the pillows and a colorful rug can change an entire living room. When it comes to color, it's important to create a space that does not irritate and make you bored but create one that pulls you in with excitement!

   If you desire to invest in an original piece, then the search begins to find all the badly advertised artists and their amazing work!  Try local art shows in small or large venues.  Ask friends with great artwork.  Interior Design shows will showcase artist's pieces.  If you like the hunt, there are estate sales, yard sales and junk shops that turn up treasures for usually a fairly low price.  You can even negotiate an even lower price at these places.  I've seen great photography for sale in coffee shops.  If you are open to finding originals, they will appear!

   If you have a creative side, painting or taking photos to create your own originals is a way to add to your home collection.  This can be a lot of fun to do with family and friends as well.  Check out the site below, a local Santa Monica PAINT:LAB.  You pay for the canvas and a low daily fee (includes paint and supplies) and WA LA! .... You leave with a painted canvas.


PAINT:LAB is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Bénédicte Pourchet at an opening reception for “Brights” on May 22nd from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at PAINT:LAB

NOTE FOR THE DAY:  Don't be afraid to add color.  Nature isn't!

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