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July 8, 2010

As I watch the 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer games, I keep seeing the coolest fiery orange color on the field at the feet of many players.  As a foot flies in the air, captured by the camera is the brand name, NIKE.  This World Cup edition cleat comes from the Nike Superfly line.  The style and colors of the soccer shoe (or also known as the football boot) are sleek and fast looking especially when worn by some of the greatest soccer players in the world.  

This fiery orange color that stands out on the field also has the same effect when used with interiors.  A fire color is great in a kitchen especially mixed in with black and silver (even if the silver has a purple hue to it!).  Like on the soccer cleat, this combo of colors has a modern and progressive feel.





The mix of orange, silver and black extending past the kitchen, creates an innovative looking space for this living room below.



A little bit of fiery orange can go a long way and stand out in a crowd.  Enjoy watching those feet move for the final World Cup soccer games!





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